Aquatic Management Services

USA Pools of North Carolina is committed to providing you with the highest quality of Aquatic Management Services.  We provide a variety of services that are tailored to your specific aquatic needs. Let USA Pools of North Carolina assist you in your next aquatic venture.

Pool Construction

USA Pools of North Carolina is confident that you will be thoroughly satisfied  with our aquatic design and construction management services.  We want our clients to make the right choices during the aquatic design process, which is why our consultation for the construction development is vital to a successful operating aquatic facility.  Rest assured that with our extensive amount of experience as well as our partnership with a national aquatic management firm that your project is in great reliable hands.

aquatic management services

Our aquatic design team and project manager will review the layout and initial set of construction plans.  Your project will be in the permitting process and an approximate start date will be communicated. All adjustments to your plans will be documented by our project team for inclusion in the master plan.  Upon completion of your pre-construction meeting your project manager will post the documents on our scheduling program.  All information regarding your project can be reviewed online. The pre-construction phase will be complete upon the procurement of permits. Your job site will be overrun with USA staff and swimming pool construction equipment. We want you thrilled and educated throughout the process.  Our team will be here to answer any questions you may have.  There are several phases in the construction process.  Becoming aware of some of these phases will keep our clients educated in the building of their new facility.  Some of those steps include but are not limited too:

The Dig                                                                                Electric & Gas Services                                      Pool Surface
Steel                                                                                    Tile/Coping                                                           Filling/Start-up & Balance
Plumbing                                                                            Water Features                                                  Warranty & Service
Pool Shell                                                                           Decking                                                                 Outdoor Features


Whether an indoor or an outdoor pool construction project, USA’s job has just begun once the swimming pool construction phase is complete.  We are prepared to offer a variety of Aquatic Management Services for your facility. Some of our Aquatic Management Services include:

Consulting                                                                                       Aquatic Programs and Special Events
Budgeting                                                                                        Insurance
Staffing                                                                                            Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Chemicals                                                                                        Workers Comp for the Community
Maintenance of the Facility                                                         Membership Support
Clubhouse Staffing                                                                        Membership Drives
Applications                                                                                    Collection & Distribution of Membership Materials


USA Pools of North Carolina has been delivering exceptional quality construction  services . Some construction services offered are:

Architecture/design swimming pool construction                 Zero depth designs                                 Bonding
Design/build swimming pool construction projects              Feasibility analysis                                  General
Clubhouse/Pool-house design & construction                       Competition pools                                   Contractor
Cost valuation analysis                                                                 Quality assurance programs                 Interactive pools
In-house construction team                                                        Complete project management

With USA Pools of North Carolina, you can be assured that we will support you throughout the pre-construction process by providing you with all of the pertinent details necessary to assist in making educated and informed decisions. You can be certain  that your project is neither too small nor too large for USA’s trained professionals.  From $10,000 to $10,000,000 we are there for you through every bit of the process, guaranteed!

For more information and/or to request a bid please call us at 877.248.1USA 

Pool Renovation

With years of experience in pool renovations, and hundreds of satisfied pool renovation customers, USA Pools of North Carolina leads the industry with the latest innovative pool renovation techniques, architecture and solutions to those experiencing pool problems. From tile replacement to complete structural renovations, you can be assured that our team of professionals will complete your pool renovations project ahead of schedule and within your budgetary constraints. Some Aquatic Management Services we offer are:

Plaster                                                                                              Splash Pad/Zero Depth Entry/Water Features
Diamond-brite                                                                                Concrete Pool Deck Replacement
Exposed aggregate/pebble technology                                    Concrete Coatings/Spray Deck
Custom Stone Work                                                                      Shotcrete                                                                    
Tile/Coping Replacement                                                            Pool Plumbing
Complete Filtration Rehabilitation                                            Leak detection/Repair
Pump & Motor replacement/Installation


USA Pools of North Carolina renovation team is highly experienced in restoring the toughest projects. Each pool renovation project has its own challenges. USA’s pool renovations experience insures that your pool renovation project is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically correct. The USA Pools renovations team focuses on every detail of the project to restore your pool to brand new. Breath taking pool renovations with newly added features can change the shape and transform your pool. Pool renovations and updating your commercial pool have never been more exciting in the 21st century.

Parties, Events and More

aquatic management servicesaquatic management services aquatic facility services

USA Pools of North Carolina is committed to providing you with the highest level of Aquatic Management Services in the industry.  Being a leader in the industry we recognize the need for pool related programs and activities in your community. For this reason USA Pools of North Carolina has created a program related to Aquatic Management Services called CAP. The CAP package offers numerous activities and bonuses for your community and its patrons in an effort to make their summer more enjoyable. Please contact us at 877.248.1872 for further details or Submit Contact Us Form.

We recognize the need for fun interactive activities and aquatic programs for today’s aquatic facilities. Whether its a small social gathering or a large scale production, USA Pools of North Carolina has the experience and resources to see the event through thoroughly and joyfully. Some PARTY PACKAGES available for your community are:

  • Hawaiian Luaus
  • Splash-Bash Pool Party ( hosted by your local radio station )
  • Casino Night
  • Memorial Day / Labor Day Parties
  • Fourth of July Events
  • Dive in Movies

USA Pools of North Carolina also provides:

  • Guards for private parties
  • Clowns & Balloons
  • Children reward programs: suckers, stickers and etc…
  • Outings to sporting events: MLB Baseball, NFL Football, NBA Basketball and etc…
  • Planned holiday functions: Christmas Parties, Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Parties and etc…

These are just some of the activities and programs that USA Pools of North Carolina has in-store for you. We know that our CAP package mentioned above might not satisfy everyone’s needs so we are always open to new and innovative ideas on programs and activities that would best suit your community’s needs. If there is an activity or program that you would like USA Pools of North Carolina to organize for you please feel free to Contact Us.

*Note: Event pricing shall include all activities, plus all necessary equipment, staffing, supplies, and liability insurance. To learn more, please contact your manager or contact us Toll Free at 877.248.1USA You may also e-mail us at


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